Targeted Distribution

PR buzz distribution

Distribute your digital content in the right formats and places. Create a buzz around your business and products, by making sure that the right people in the right places are talking about you. Spread topics to multipliers, and ensure your communication is successful in a big way. Whether it is editorial content with the right story, a press release or SEO-optimised content: a strong message always needs precise communication targeted at the relevant recipients. Analyse your brand profile and the messages that you wish to convey to your audience. Select the right communicators and communication channels for your brand messages.

  • Efficient content distribution
    Sorgen Sie für die handverlesene Verteilung Ihrer Botschaften und lernen Sie die optimalen Kanäle für Ihre Inhalte kennen.
  • Generate interest in the right places
    Distribute your unique content in the right places, and reach your intended target group and potential customers beyond.
    Generate high interaction and broad reach in the short term, or employ sustainable formats for long-term benefits.
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