Date-based intervention

Real-time monitoring

[Monitoring Reports]

React to all events in your digital communication on the basis of data. Monitor your online and social media channels in their entirety, and learn how to derive the right courses of action from the relevant data. Analyse the relevant figures such as the number of mentions of your brand or business, as well as the total number of interactions with your audience. The monitoring reports contain timelines, hit rates and keyword clouds, from which you can derive your further courses of action as part of your strategy. The regular monitoring reports allow you to continuously optimise your individual digital strategy.

    Analyse your online and social media channels in real time and fully automated. Collect the relevant data on the platforms relevant to your business.
    Timelines and keyword clouds: Use the right tools to monitor and visualise the relevant data. Keep track of your communication as a whole.
    Ongoing analysis of the right figures and KPIs enables you to react to crisis situations quickly and to adjust your digital strategy dynamically.
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