Big Data und Onlinewerbung

Big Data: Why your expensive online campaign is a waste of money

von sonicboom

A shop full of customers who only want to have a look causes expenses without generating sales. Although no one wants that, everyone pays their online marketing for exactly that. Why this waste?

Evaluating online advertising is not witchcraft. It is quite simple. If all the clicks and hearts, the comments and the digital reach do not lead to more sales, they are worthless. Even the greatest attention does not pay the bill or secure a job. But that is exactly what matters. And with the targeted evaluation of big data, it is also possible.

The internet is as simple as a corner shop

Despite digitalization, trends, and platforms, the core business remains as simple as a corner shop. If customers only come to look, they cause costs. They tie up employees’ labour, need attention, and clutter up the display. If they leave the shop without buying anything, even the nicest shop has to close at the end of the month.

In such a case, the marketing department will wash its hands of the matter. The customers were there. The shop was full. The management might even agree and go in search of errors. But there is a high probability that the marketing department’s supposed success is only a deception. It has obviously targeted the wrong people.

In digital marketing – from blog articles on your site to comment columns to social networks – the same thing often happens. Hundreds of thousands of clicks and views are no proof that an online campaign was successful. If at the end of it there is no increase in sales and the number of customers has not increased, it is only proof that the marketing department has wasted money. Because it’s not just about attention. That is only the first step. After that, customers have to network with you and buy something. The task of good online marketing is to address only those users who want to, because they would benefit from it.

Everyone knows their customers: sonicboom finds them

Every good management knows its customers. They know how old they are and what they earn. They know their living situation, how many children live in the house and when they have time to go shopping. Not only that, but they know the competition they will go to if the work is not done well.

Transferred to an online campaign, this would mean only addressing very selected users at all. And this is exactly where sonicboom helps. Their core competence is to use the huge pool of data provided by the internet so efficiently that you, as a customer, no longer have any scatter losses. Curating Big Data in such a way that your shop is not full of customers who only want to look.

Big Data is easy to understand. It’s about organising a seemingly infinite amount of data so that the jumble becomes clear information. Current examples that everyone is familiar with are artificial intelligences that look at medical images and data of patients until they recognise a pattern for early diagnosis of cancer. Computers in cars are shown so many videos of other vehicles until they themselves can steer the car without an accident.

The Big Data Pool also hides the secret of your customers. Or rather, new customers. sonicboom can pick out the data that benefits your company from a sea of information. Because your customers also have certain paths on the internet that form a pattern. sonicboom interprets these patterns and compares you with users who are not yet your customers, but could become so.

Who is your clientele? The single woman over 30 who lives in the city, rides a bicycle because she doesn’t have a car, uses Samsung instead of Apple out of conviction, has at least 1,500 euros a month to spare, and usually surfs the Internet around 8 pm. Or the father of two, aged 40 and over, who lives in the suburbs, works, drives an electric car, has no great interest in smartphones, has about 300 euros leftover and is usually on the Internet during his lunch break.

Forget clicks, increase efficiency with Big Data

So instead of shoving your digital advertising poster in everyone’s face on the internet, sonicboom specifically selects the people who really benefit from contact with you. In this way, vague marketing campaigns, the success of which is hardly traceable, are turned into concrete success figures, which are matched by clear costs.

After all, your Internet presence is like your production. There are costs behind it that have to deliver a certain result. But in the case of your Internet presence, this is not usually as concretely measurable as with production. sonicboom would like to change that. If costs and results of the digital presence are known, the value of this information increases and the company becomes more flexible in its application. Because every euro in the till is worth the same at the end of the year. And the money does not come from customers who only want to look.