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AI is Reshaping Search: Prepare for the Future Digital Landscape

Since the launch of ChatGPT, search engines have been racing each other to integrate AI tools and transform the way questions are exchanged for health advice:

  • From: A menu of ranked websites where the user needs to do their own research
  • To: A conversation designed by AI that consolidates answers into easy-to-read responses infused with empathy and peppered with emojis

This disruption to the digital information experience is deepening relationships with ‘Dr Google’, and has profound implications for the entire healthcare ecosystem.

sonicboom is pleased to partner with globally renowned search listening specialist, Julia Walsh, author of What We Really Ask Dr Google; Healthcare Insights in the Digital Age to host this interactive and thought-provoking workshop.

We have a limited number of 90 minute workshops available which can be exclusively booked by your team. Each workshop will be customised to the brands and categories of most interest to your company, and infused with the cutting-edge research of Julia’s team into ‘Search Chat’.

For our clients that place importance on Quality Use of Medicines and patient-centred care, understanding these transformations to the way health advice is delivered online is critical.

 Your team will explore and learn:

  • The real-world digital information experience in healthcare and how it influences quality use of medicines, health outcomes and shapes markets
  • Reflect on internal and external influences on your current digital footprint
  • How the digital landscape is evolving due to AI
  • Hands-on experiments with Search-to-Chat and reflect on the experience and references cited by AIGenerate ideas to design a future-fit digital strategy that embraces the changes happening to the online landscape


    Julia will also share key recommendations from the White Paper she published last year, AI Disruptions In Search (Health) into critical success factors for digital transformation.

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