Content management

A data-based and success-driven content plan is key to the success of your digital communication. Learn how to offer added value to your audience, and regularly publish appealing content. Keep all of your digital communication in mind: how frequently and at what times do you need to publish content to maximise your success? Which content on what channel makes your audience visit the longest? Which content generates most interaction with your target audience? How should you react when content triggers critical voices (content moderation)?

    Draw up a data-based and target-driven content plan to post relevant content regularly. Generate the highest rates of interaction and visit duration on your digital channels.
    Learn how to produce new content of value to your audience, regularly and with little effort. Reach your target group at just the right time, and on the right channels.
    React calmly if your content gives rise to controversy online and on social media, or if it develops into a digital crisis. Use the exchange and digital debate with your audience to your advantage.
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